Just another PhD student life rant… on time management

For the past couple months I have been struggling with time management.

The time management issues I attribute to overcommitting to a barrage of ‘things’. Sometimes it’s easy to assume that you have a lot of time on your hands when you haven’t had a realistic view of your schedule. Another reason is underestimating the time it would take to complete one task or the other. Then of course, the inevitable or ‘unexpected tasks’ occur, sometimes due to poor planning and other times they are out of your control.

In moving forward I have managed to do most of the following: Remove all unnecessary tasks; say no; and ensure that every activity is entered into my calendar/diary and adhere to my daily ‘to do lists’ among other things. My emails and facebook will only be checked at specific intervals each day. I have also managed to block the feeds that I think are a distraction on facebook. Last but not least I have created a daily schedule and hopefully I can stick to it as close as possible. I have been using these strategies lately and I find them useful to remaining focused on my main goal – i.e. My PhD studies.


I will also attempt to incorporate the following skills:

  • Blocks of study time and breaks
  • Dedicated study spaces
  • Weekly reviews
  • Achieve “stage one”–get something done!
  • Use my free time wisely
  • Postpone unnecessary activities until the work is done!
  • Identify resources to help you
  • Reward my after tasks are completed

These tools should aid in maintaining the above:

Hopefully the above steps would be useful to me and I will complete my draft within the next eight months:)

Thanks for reading, I will keep you posted.