Charting my PhD Journey

It’s been approximately 1 year & 5 months since I have started my PhD, and it focuses on assessing the use of communication strategies for social change within a Trinidad and Tobago context. Thus far my journey has been quite maze-like.

Initially, I felt quite lost and asked myself tonnes of times… ‘what the hell did I get myself into?’ After getting past some of the fundamental elements of this research degree, (such as, preparation for post graduate courses in literature review & research methods, including the PhD registration process) I released a huge of sigh of relief.

Some may say… your sighing may be a bit premature, but I reckon for every successful stage every PhD student must celebrate in some way, as this journey is a very long and meandering one.

So what’s next… well I am supposed to be working on my literature review chapters whilst analysing data I collected from an initial field work, but boy am I distracted. In spite of this, I am determined to get on with this PhD… so what’s my plan?

I intend on blogging on my journey for the next year and half and possibly share some interesting material, ideas, call for papers, conferences etc. My blog entries will also be useful discussion point, which will allow for interaction with other persons interested in the subject matters.

Hopefully, this process will inspire and motivate me to successfully complete my studies and possibly encourage others.

So let the PhD blogging journey begin!!!


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